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Why does my vehicle even need oil?                            

    Did you know that some of the moving parts within your engine never really touch?  It is true!  They ride on a thin film of oil. One of the main functions of oil is to keep these moving parts separated from each other, preventing damage and wear.                             
     Another important function of oil is cooling.  As the oil circulates it carries away some of the heat generated as a result of the combustion process. When your motor oil level is low it will cause the engine temperature to rise. It is important to check your motor oil level frequently to make sure that this doesn’t occur.                            
     Did you know that motor oil also plays an important role in helping to keep your engine clean? The oil within your engine is constantly cleaning as it lubricates picking-up and holding dirt, contaminants and other combustion by-products. Think of motor oil like you would think of a sponge. We all know that a sponge has the ability to pick-up and hold fluids, dirt, etc. When a sponge becomes over saturated it can no longer hold any more fluid. These same attributes apply to your motor oil.  When the oil becomes saturated with contaminants, and cannot hold anymore in suspension, the excess falls-out of suspension and can form deposits in the engine, one of which is known as “sludge.” Regular oil changes will remove suspended contaminants before “sludge” can form, helping keep your engine running cleaner and smoother.